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Author Topic: Big Hauler Battery operated 4-6-0 version 1  (Read 2255 times)

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« on: August 13, 2016, 09:59:53 PM »

Folks I hope you can help me?! I recently acquired the Big Hauler battery operated  4-6-0 version 1 set Atchison Topecka Sante Fe for $12. I have to get the batteries to see it if will run still. However, I was wondering if anyone has a source for the instructions for this set. I have checked the forum and the instructions posted there are for later versions. I also need a coupler for the back of the locomotive to attach the tender to it and a traction tire to replace the dry rotted one on the wheel. So souring these parts would be helpfull! Does anyone know what is housed in the tender? It is a handsome set and any and all information you all can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Okay folks I have installed the 6 D cells and the 9V into the remote controller. The only switches are the 2 just below the boiler where the battery compartment is and when I move them to on nothing happens. When I plug in the tender nothing happens either. Anyone have any thoughts?
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Loco Bill Canelos

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« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2016, 09:47:11 AM »


Check this old thread and see if it helps.,31096.0.html

You do not need a coupler on the rear of the locomotive.  There should be a pin link on the rear of the locomotive that swings from side to side. the pin fits into the loop on the front of the tender.   The unit you bought was made back in 1989 and there are no sources of parts other that on Ebay or swap meets.  Many buy a second locomotive just for parts.   Be aware that there old R/C units were not great runners, and ate up batteries very quickly.  There were two frequencies, 29 Mhz and 49 Mhz.    Be sure you hyave the correct transmitter for your loco.  The motors were OK, but the gears had a tendency to strip as well.

It would be great if someone out there has a set of the instructions and could post them for GLH and others.

 Loco Bill
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« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2016, 01:13:54 PM »

Hi, GLH. I bought one of those back a few months ago on Ebay. It didn't come with the remote, but it did run in forward only after I installed the batteries. I upgraded it to work with a 7.2 volt battery from one of my R/C cars and it ran very well and for hours on that battery(there should be a plug socket  in the battery compartment so you can do this). You would only need a 7.2 volt ,a charger, and an adapter cable(both of which are available on Ebay). Now, you say that it doesn't move when you put batteries in it? Try taking it apart and checking all the wiring and battery connections. If everything is all good, and it still doesn't run, then the problem may be that the electronics have shorted out and, if you want to run it, then you'll have to perform some major surgery. Mine burned up its' electronics within 5 minutes of my placing batteries in it. After that, it went totally dead and the only way that I was able to get it working was to tear out virtually every bit of electronics and direct wire the power connections  to the motor. It only ran in forward after that, but it did run very well!
Here's a link to one of my youtube videos showing it in operation after I removed and rewired everything:
This engine was later parted out and resold  on Ebay. I reused the tender for a custom project that I finished recently.
 No matter what you decide to do with yours, I think that you'll find that this locomotive will make a fine display piece, but little more unless you're willing to do a lot of work on it and spend another $25-$50.00 to get it running again.
Let us know if you need anymore help or info.
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