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Electronic Eunits available

Started by rhwalker, July 05, 2017, 07:58:41 PM

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Have three working Williams electronic Eunits with sound modules. These were removed prior to conversion to EZ-APP. Anyone interested?


JP, of Acton MA, USA writes:

Can you post pics of the Electronic E-Units with Sound modules?

Also, does WBB sell the components to convert 'conventional' locos to EZ App?



These were taken the first day. I purchased the bluetooth circuit boards from BlueRailTrains who makes the boards for Bachmann and switched them out with the E-units. The BlueRail boards work very well controlling my OGauge locos. You can see videos of this on BlueRail's website (


Click Here for how rhwalker is using BlueRail Trains circuit board in his O gauge.