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Generic Wishlist for 2019

Started by jpstrainyard, December 28, 2018, 10:11:06 PM

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JP of Acton MA, USA writes,

To all O Scale modelers -

This is the "Generic" Wishlist for 2019.
Here, you can post anything you want, including suggestions for Bachmann / WBB, regarding products that you want to see produced.
"The sky is the limit" with this wish list.

Keep in mind that I am not an employee of the Bachmann / WBB company, and I am not associated in any way with the Bachmann / WBB company, so comments and suggestions should be directed to "3 Rail", "Yardmaster" or "The Bachmann".
Sincerely: JP

Country Joe

The only thing on my wish list is for WBB to make locomotives with bluetooth control (EZ App) and constant speed control. That is more important to me than a particular locomotive or road name.

Mister Lee

I would suggest a generic heavyweight combination baggage-mail car for the Williams passenger car line. If Bachmann now owns the former K-Line twenty-foot and forty foot intermodal container molds, I'll again suggest  containers 1960's and 1970's paint schemes and road names.

I recently bought two W by B GE 44 tonners (Thank you, Bachmann for making these!!). I plan to use a third-party's 3-D printing to make a generic low-voltage GE freight motor as used by some trolley lines and for certain applications by some steam roads. I'd suggest that Bachmann monitor how these kits sell. If they sell like hotcakes, maybe they should consider making a trolley locomotive. I'm not beating the drums for production of such critters, I'm only calling for a wait-and-see approach.


Williams engines with bluetooth or any wireless remote control system.

J. S. Bach

A PCC trolley (either air or all-electric; or both ;D) based on the Peter Witt drive train and no electronics but with the proper trucks.
Later Gator,


"A fruit is a vegetable with looks and money. Plus, if you let fruit rot, it turns into wine, something Brussels sprouts never do." ~P.J. O'Rourke


JP of Acton MA, USA writes:
Yeah, I agree that Williams by Bachmann should produce an O scale PCC (both Air and All Electric), that uses the Peter Witt motor and running gear, with 'open-wheel' trucks.
The PCC could be equipped with the same 'ding-ding' electronic bell sound that the Peter Witt trolley has.

Anyway, I believe that I did list PCC cars, in my JP's Wishlist for 2019.

Mister Lee

The fifty-foot Evans auto-loader built in the 1950's. K-Line used to make them.


Southern Pacific bloody nose scheme F3 , someone needs to make these.