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s2 Turbine smoke Unit problems

Started by otww, November 02, 2020, 02:12:59 PM

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Anyone know where you can get smsoke unity parts for the S2 Turbine .  I need the circuit board to which the smoke unit is attached by wire.  Part Number 1023-x004.  Williams parts no longer carries smoke unit components.  This board looks similar to the resister board which Williams does carry but is sold out of.  Maybe it is the resister board I need but the parts number does not match that on the board in the engine.


JP of Acton MA, USA writes:

Best idea would be to look on E-Bay to see if anyone is selling a Williams S2 Turbine, that is 'good for parts only' (ie. motor does not work, but lights, sounds, smoke unit works)
Or simply find an operational S2 that can be 'scrapped for parts'.



Hi otww,

           671 here. Try  Dallee electronics on line. It sounds like you need a new voltage regulating board. Dallee should be able to help you with this, they supply many electronics to the hobby.

                               Happy Turkey Day,
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