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K37 loco

Started by Don Carter, December 18, 2020, 04:26:47 PM

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Don Carter

Here we go again: My earlier post was for info on a K 27 but found out it is a K 37 I'm not sure if the loco I have is a Bachmann or not. It could be a Accucraft????
Just received it from a friend. It is all medal and I'M suessing it's  a 20.3 scale (very large G scale)
I need the wiring schematic for the wiring in the tender. It has two connecting wire boards.
I wanting to repair the RC and add a sound unit that were installed by someone.

Greg Elmassian

Already replied on your previous thread.... why make a new thread?
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I agree with Greg, no need for another thread.

Bachmann made only one of the four K class locomotives, the K27.  I believe LGB also made a k27, but in 1:22.5 scale (sorta LGB rubber ruler). Any of the other K class locomotives were made by either Accucraft or Berlyn.

Greg and I both stated that if it is Berlyn, you have one choice, generate your own diagram by tracing wires.  Accucraft publishes a diagram that may or may not be correct, again self generated diagram is your most reliable option.



I emailed you an Accucraft K-37 manual which has its wiring diagrams.

If this does not match your loco then it is likely a Berlyn locomitive.  If so you should ask your question on the One20point3  list

Hope this helps

Stan Ames