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just puled my 36 ton Shay out of storage...

Started by bremner, January 29, 2023, 07:43:42 AM

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 :'(  :'(  :'(

The top of the trucks crumbled apart! I don't see any replacement parts to correct this issue, and since I bought this 25 years ago from a defunct hobby shop, do I have any options on fixing this unit?


Yep, you can still get the upgraded replacement trucks for these Two-Truck Shays, though they are pricey to say the least, but worth it if you want to run your Shay!
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Greg Elmassian

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Out of curiousity, was the cause ever narrowed down.  Was it the type of plastic or maybe a lubricant that attacked the plastic?

Greg Elmassian

Poor quality run of plastic, it happens from time to time... pretty consistently bad on the first run.
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I have one that you're welcome to.  The replacement trucks are the right solution tho...