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Lighting type on PNP Big Hauler 4-6-0

Started by RJJ21, March 19, 2023, 12:16:20 PM

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I recently purchased a 91803 to replace my 81088 that has a broken front truck. I plan to run it in DC analog and wire it to a Soundtraxx TSU-4400. Does anyone know what types of bulbs are used in the 91803 (12 volt, 1.5 volt, led, etc.) as resistors are required for anything under 12 volt. Also curious if anyone else has connected this combination of products together and if so, do you have any advice or tips?


All the Bachmann locomotives with sockets have protection cirtuits built in to protect the electronics. If you use the board with wires it is important that the + wire goes to the + output for the device you are incerting in the socket and the - wire go to a ground connection on the device you are installing in the socket.

All the lighting circuits can be directly wired to the function outputs on your desired devoce.

Hope that helps


Loco Bill Canelos


Congratulations on your new purchase!!

If your loco is otherwise undamaged I just wanted to mention that an easy to retrofit replacement truck is available in the parts store for your 81088 loco.  It is the new type front truck for the 4-6-0

Here is a link to it:

I just requires one drill hole a screw and connecting the two wires to the truck. 

This truck can be installed on any of the Big Hauler Standard line 4-6-0's or older Annies as well!!

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