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Southern pacific daylight 4449 new ones

Started by Trainman5911, September 15, 2023, 05:36:25 PM

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Why are the drawbars so low, the seem to fall of tend to fall off on any little bump.
Why does plastic packaging not allow for tender and harness to remain connected when in box? 

Why is the cab inaccessible I would like to add engineer to cab and don't see a way to remove cab cover to allow

Why does engine not have cab lights?

Why is the encoder wiring diagram not included in box or on Bachmann website?

Why does engine have room for smoke generator and not have one installed in dcc version,   Are the parts available to install a smoke generator?

Terry Toenges

If it had a cab light, you would be able to see that there is no engineer. :-)
Feel like a Mogul.


The answer to nearly all of those questions is reduction of production costs.

I'm not familiar with that particular model. However, I've got lots of other Bachmann steam engines. Some of them had draw bars that seemed a little low but, they could be slightly bent upward.

I cannot answer why the packaging doesn't allow pre-connection of engine/tender wiring, but honestly, that's not a very hard job to do.


Might be easy to make connection, but I carry my train to club and making and unplugging connection is probably going to lead to broken wires


You are correct about plugging unplugging tender/engine connections. I quit doing that a long time ago.  After breaking a few wires. 🫣😱🫨😬

You need to create your own carrying case long enough to accept your engine and tender coupled together permanently.

Or- obtain a carrying tote for all of your equipment to transport to the club and back, the optimum solution. A little costly at the outset, but worth it, I'm telling you.

I was in a club a long time ago. I carried everything, 60-something freight cars and seven or eight locomotives, in individual boxes back-and-forth to the club.  I got really tired of the packing and unpacking consuming too much time, especially the end of the day.

I finally invested in A-line carrying totes, which did reduce the mobilization and demobilization times to 25% of what they had been.  I bought the five drawer HO unit.  One drawer is dedicated to 8 large road steam engines like your daylight.  The other four can each handle 16 40 foot cars, representing the era that I model.  Longer modern freight cars will, of course, reduce the total somewhat.


 It looks like the cab roof comes off. Looks like a tab on each end holds it in place.