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Started by rbrpguy, December 16, 2023, 03:50:51 PM

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I have been having an issue with the coupler between the coal tender and a livestock car randomly coming open. I determined the coal tender coupler was more ridged than the livestock car and I believe the amount of slop was creating the problem. Here is my solution. Cheesy, I know, but it worked! Small hair rubber band keeps the livestock coupler from floating.           


If it works for you .... then it works and that's great!

I've occasionally had problems with the vertical lock pin not dropping all the way down, and releasing, or the bottom of it getting bumped up which also initiates a release situation. Other than those issues, I've found the Bachmann couplers to be pretty darn good!!!
Are we having fun yet???


Absolutely, have had no issues with any of the other couplers. This is my first train since I was a boy and I am having a blast!


My experience is that there are two versions of the standard knuckle coupler (actually there's newer Spectrum version but we're not going there).
The old version has a plastic drop pin that can hangup and work its way upward resulting in uncoupling.
Some suggest a drop of plastic safe lube.
At some point (say around 2000) Bachmann switched to a metal drop pin that is heavier and smoother.
Switched all my couplers to metal drop pin version and have had no issues, indoor and flat.
Pull consist of 10-12 and no problems.
Plastic is easily identifiable as have a hole (i.e. for pull chain) in the top of drop pin.