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sound systems

Started by mudhen, May 21, 2008, 07:49:07 PM

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Just talked to John from air wire 9000 down in Florida. And to my surprise I have a brand new Phoenix 2k2 sound compete with speaker , which is useless to me because I wish to put it , into my Bachmann K-27.
John said I need a phoenix P5 system . My 2k2 is unopened and I am looking to swap my 2k2 for a new P5 . Anyone intersted.

Steve Stockham

  That's strange. I have a #463 that has a Sierra sound system in it and the Phoenix 2K2 uses the same kind of triggers....oh wait! Now I remember! The optical chuff trigger was junked and mine has the old tried and true magnetic reed switch to make it work! Come to think of it, did anybody ever get that optical chuff to work properly with Phoenix or Sierra sound systems?

bob kaplan

Then the installations shown in the "product reference" of this forum do not work correctly??.  i am not going to purchase something (since i know almost nothing) and have someone install it....and not have it work.


The installation instructions are correct and have had multiple installations.  Each installation was approved by the respective manufacturer prior to its being posted. They can also mix and match the installation approaches as they are rather generic.  I have a P5 in my K and it works great.

The reason your installer recommended a P5 over a 2K2 is because your AirWire receiver is designed to control a sound board that has a DCC input.  The P5 has such an input.

Another alternative would be to use the QSI sound decoder together with the GWire receiver as this combination will also work with your AirWire system.

If you use the optical chuffs for sound you may notice that the chuffs are slightly out if time which is exactely as most K27s actually sound.

Hope this helps.

Stan Ames

Greg Elmassian

The Phoenix 2k2 works just fine with the AirWire... it is DCC also. You don't need any of the DC capability if you are running it with the AirWire, and the P5 is a much newer design.

Regards, Greg
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Greg is correct.  I normally use the P5 and forgot that the 2K2 was also DCC capable.

See page 19 of your Airwire manual.   Make sure the battery connection is made between the Airwire and the 2K2 as per the AirWire manual.

Sorry for the confusion.



As I under stand, the only differences between the 2k2 and the P5 are
1) size of the circuit board , Smaller on the P5.
2) sound is louder on the P5
3) there are 12 option ports on the P5 as to 8 ports on the 2k2
Anything else ????????.
4) cost is about $100.00 less

So I put it to all knowledgeable installers. Which is the better. The P5 or the 2k2.

I am taking in all your information and appreciate all of it     

Greg Elmassian

The main difference is the P5 is newer technology, and is not operable from DC (as I understand), it is DCC only.

The 2k2 was designed to work with DC and DCC.

I would use the P5, but many people set up their locos to run on DCC and DC, thus the 2k2 is often used.

Since you have not indicated any other uses, using it only with AirWire would make the P5 a better choice in my opinion.

Regards, Greg
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Tony Walsham

The P5 will also work with RCS battery R/C.  In fact, apart from the power in voltage and the speaker connection, it is a simple plug in installation.
The P5 on its own will have just trigger function that can be expanded to 7 functions by adding the plug In P5T.

The P5 is NOT designed to work from variable track voltage.  It does not have a battery back up and there is no "big boost" for running at slow speed.
Tony Walsham
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